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Pod HD 500/500X/helix & co tips to protect your screen


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Sometimes my brains are working :P


Just get my 500X and scarry to break my screen,anything can happen!

I see a post about a broken screen, and just get an  idea to protect it and share this idea


I'm an ex welder, and somes welders use a big plexiglass screen with the new helmets


very simple depends on the dimensions of the plexi, but usal is this a 11cm X 9 cm x 1.5mm but it  can be


11cm x 9cm x 2.5 mm (mine is a 2.5) is strongest but little bit more difficult to cut because it's harder


trace lines for your good dimensions and  cut it with a good cuter, pass a 4 times on the line (take care your fingers and hand)and break it


Apply it to your pod screen!


I don't recommended just the same dimensions as the existing screen because if something boxing it , it can smash your real screen


I just apply mine with a very simple way(only use at home), near the left and under buttons, so I can easely use the navigation button and turn the others


you can cut it and apply on your prefering size and paste it with scotch paper


You can find a little welding screen, by a welder or equipment shops




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I use a iphone generic screen protector cut to size. Mainly to protect against scratches.


But I am using the glass protectors on my Galaxy 5 nowadays. Perhaps cut one in half for the HD with glass cutter.


Absolutely on the Helix! Being so expensive hardened glass that'l fit  the screen is assurance from scratches and they do work to save the screen. Some can protect the main screen from a hammer hit.


Will check the welding accessories

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