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DT50 212 firmware update - Keyboard controller as my MIDI-USB interface

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Hey guys,


I'm about to update my DT 50 212 soon, so I've been reading this old thread (and others):

Just wanted to check if I can do this update from my USB/MIDI keyboard controller (an AKAI MPK 61). It has both MIDI In and MIDI Out ports. Does anyone know if that would work? Or should I get a dedicated interface for this (something like that M-Audio Uno one)?


If the keyboard works (hooked up to the computer via USB), then I'm assuming I'll need 2 MIDI cables connecting:

DT 50 MIDI In -> AKAI Midi Out



Is that correct?


Has anyone succeeded performing the firmware update from a keyboard controller before?


I'm always afraid of doing these firmware updates on my Line 6 gear... I can't afford to "brick" my amp., since I'm very far from any Line 6 service center.


Any help will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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I'm thinking it should work.


Nothing to lose. Connect up the MIDI in/out cables, run Monkey on your computer. It will either work, or it won't. If not, nothing lost.


-Gary K

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