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Power Profile For Hd500


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I am looking into the feasibility of taking the HD500 out for busking type gigs. Obviously I will need a power source for my HD500, but those are not always readily available. I was thinking I could purchase a battery pack to take with me, but I know essentially nothing about what kind of amperage I need, or wattage, or voltage, or whatever the limiting factor is (hey, you remember that time I said I knew essentially nothing?).


How hefty a battery would I need to purchase, and how long would you figure a charge could last? If these are extremely stupid questions, I would very much appreciate it if someone would explain it to me like I'm 5.

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Totallly possible, but unless your expecting someone else to do your homework for you your in for a bit of a study. LOLOL

There could be a buskers forum that might be able to help too plus youtube.


Essentially, all you need do is look at the output specs of the HDsPSU. Get a suitable concealed rechargable battery that are used as replacements in battery amps and the right connector that will deliver said specs and any rectifier and recharging circuits.

Totally possible

Or get a little  Korgworx battery powered mult iFX for cheap in the meantime 

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When you look at portable battery packs, you'll see them rated in amp-hours, or AH. That will give you an idea of long they can power a certain load. I'll use this one as an example. It has a rating of 12 AH, and its terminal voltage is 12V DC.




The HD500 power supply is rated at 2500mA at 9V, so let's assume the HD500 actually runs at 80% of that. That means the HD500 consumes 18W. At 12V, the current drawn by the HD500 would be 1.5A. So 12AH/1.5A = 8 hours. So at you could expect about 8 hours from that battery pack. But even then, that's assuming a pretty linear performance of the battery. In real batteries don't necessarily perform that way, but that's how you could get an idea of your run time. It's also ignoring the fact that there's probably some internal losses inside a battery pack like that when you transform the voltage from 12V DC to 120V AC.

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