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Is DT-25 combo amp compatible with Line6 FB4 or FB2 foot switch?

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Hi siijan92,


The FBV2 would be the only FBV foot switch thats compatible for the DT Series. Since the DT Series is only a two channel amp with no FX (other than reverb). 

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Yes, as long as the FBV2 is a dual latching type. I have a generic foot switch that works fine, doesn't even have labels! One switch toggles between amp A and B, the other reverb on/off.


It works best when amp A and B are the same amp model, and generally the same power settings. I use it with A and B both set up as Plexi bright. I match the settings on both, then I increase a touch of gain and volume to channel B, so it acts like a boost with a little extra grit


Along these lines..




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