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Pod Farm 2.5 - Logic Issue

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Whenever I play my guitar straight from Pod Farm (Pod UX2) into logic there is no problems but when I use it as an Audio Unit / Plugin it seems to have like no noise gate and come out extremely sloppy and you hear everything like slightly sliding my hand up and down the fretboard. 


Also if I unplug my Pod UX2 the license is not there and I can't use any pod plug ins.




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the licenses are tied to the UX2... you don't own them... the UX2 does... its normal that it needs to be plugged in.

my guess is that you may have monitoring on your track? not sure though... almost sounds like you are feeding the pod farm output into your plugins though.


another thing i find with logic, is that if you select "guitar" as the instrument it loads up its own plugins and amps etc...

make sure you are just selecting an "other instrument" track, then select the input and apply the au's

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