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IR Management?


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During this time of pain and woe, of multiple backups, of restoring from bundles after crashes and factory re-sets....I begin to wonder about the best way to manage IR's.


When I save or re-load as a bundle, no IR information is stored.  So when I re-store from a IR's are re-loaded.  As separate files, I can understand why they aren't saved or managed by the Helix application.  However - it makes it quite interesting if you have a lot of IR's to get them back in the right slots for the preset.  I believe I read somewhere else where numbering was not an option (can't seem to find that post now).


For the moment - I'm not adding anymore IR's - that way I can just drag and drop them from the Finder on my Mac in the order they are stored there - and that's the order I'm working with them in on the Helix.


But as it gets more stable, I really hope there's a more effective strategy for re-loading the IR's with a bundle.


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You probably meant this thread:


Renaming the IR files with a prefix of 001-, 002-, etc. works for when Helix crashes and you want to reload all of your IRs quickly and painlessly and predictably.


A good way to think of IRs in the context of Helix is an all or nothing type of thing. Keep your IR files (with the numbered prefixes) on your computer somewhere. That way when Helix crashes, or for whatever other reason, you can just drag them all at once onto the Helix application and you're done.

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