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HELIX as preamp (to a power amp)


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Hi everyone here!


I think I'll buy this awesome unit!

But something is missing in the manual, I 'd like to run the helix to a  power amp (in the return of a tube amplifier for exemple, or in a electro harmonix 44 magnum).

So i think I should use only the preamps models and not the amps (and of course not the amp+cab), but what about the output select? Should I select the 1/4 output to "line" or instrument"?

The only thing write in the manual is for pluggin the Helix in front of an amp.



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Also, don't take it as gospel that you have to use just preamps.  I also own a HD500X and run it into a DT25.  Using Preamps in the HD500X was recommended but I have some patches that sound amazing using the full amp models.  Let your ears decide.

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I had my Helix running thru my 44 Magnum and into a VHT 4X12 Cab the other day. I was using the Amp models without the Cabs and it sounded really good. Didn't try just the preamps. I think if you're running into a solid state poweramp you would probably want to use the amp preamp/poweramp models to warm things up. But as DarrellM5 states, let your ears decide. 

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In my opinion and to my experience for only 2-3 days I can use the Helix best only to connect it with my amps by setting all the modeling to "preamp". I have tried all and even the 4CM but because I have 2 amps I would need quite a lot of cables... And then the Helix is pretty loud :o

I have to tweak almost every patch so that I must roll down the treble a lot. Only amp that was quite nice and "dark sounding" for beginning was the "Brit J45 Nrm". Maybe it was too dark. 

But I have been little disappointed how much work you have to do to get the sound right?!? Could you give me any suggestions for the settings, maybe EQ or global settings?!? I have found these settings in Helix to work best with my gear (Don Grosh Electrajet Custom, H&K Statesman Quad EL84 and Peavey Studio Pro 1x12" Transtube) :

* Guitar in pad OFF

* Guitar in impedance 22k Ohm

For EQ and especially for the global EQ settings I have no clue what so ever... Any good experiences for setting these?!?

Also for some amps for the master volume level I have to set some to full 10 and others to 7-8 and with distortion I have to roll levels accordingly. With compressor I achieve quite easily some levels to equal, but suprisingly the differences can be quite big between patches (mostly because of the amp master voluming in the model software?!?)!

Perfect sounds though to my taste and a good quality product!!! Have to examine more with the possibilities :rolleyes:

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