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How To Change FX100 tones in while in usb recording mode.


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I have an FX100.

I have a Mac OSX 10.9 something/Logic Pro Daw

I have a PC Win8/Sonar Daw

I have a IPAD 2 ver 7.04

I have the AMPLIFI IOS app.


If I connect the FX100 as my usb recording device, how do I control the fx software/guitar sounds/ inside my DAW?


Does it even process signal at all, or is it just an interface?


Is there PC/OSX software to control the FX100 i.e. gearbox and podfarm vst plugins have controlled and accessed all my other Line 6 devices?



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Currently there is no computer interface for controlling the FX100.

The FX100 does all the sound processing. You can capture the finally stereo mix in your DAW via USB.

Best thing to do is tweak all your patches via the AMPLIFi Remote app and strategically arrange them in the banks you want and change patches via the foot switches.

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