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new JTV-69 coming have questions

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Okay so I know I am late to the party but I bought a JTV-69 due tomorrow...


I plan on using it with an HD500 I currently have and maybe down the road a Helix...


Where should I look for info on how to use it with the HD500? I am looking to have my Pod remember my model settings on the guitar etc... I am quite comfortable with the HD500 except for use with a Variax...any info is greatly appreciated!!!


Does the manual cover all this? Recommended videos?



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Yes, the manual covers all this in terms of interoperability - how the POD can be used to store and recall Variax settings in its presets. Note that you need to use the VDI connection to have this interoperability. If you use the 1/4" connection the Variax will behave just like a normal analog guitar. When using VDI you should remove the battery from the Variax.

There is a global setting that determines whether the POD will/won't control the Variax. Set the preset Input setting to include Variax and/or Variax Mags. Otherwise all settings are made using the Variax edit pages on a preset basis. The easiest way to see/use these settings is in the POD HD500 Edit program, on the Mixer page.

EDIT: Note that you should purchase a proper VDI cable - one with the protective housing at both ends to prevent damage to the device jacks and cable ends. In the interim, if your Variax arrives before you have the cable, you can use a standard RJ-45 Ethernet cable (unprotected ends) but be careful when doing this and don't do it long term.

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Another dumb question....


The acoustic guitar models sound pretty good on the videos I have heard...what do people use on the signal chain in the HD500? In other words, are people using an amp model or just going through some eq and delay etc in the HD500?


I am looking for a very clean, ambient acoustic sound for supporting some solo guitar and vocal.


My thinking is JTV-69 -> HD500 -> bose L2

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