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Looper - Shortcut to position at the start or end of the chain?


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IIRC the HD500x did this quite well, you could choose to put the looper at the very start or the very end of the chain. Helix only supports one looper, but I find that it's useful to have it at the start (while I'm working on the tone) but it's best at the end when I want to use it to record a quick chord progression to solo over.


I get that now you can put it wherever you want, but action + joystick is very tedious.


Should I submit an Ideascale entry to suggest adding a button to cycle the looper's position to one of the following options:


 1/ Right after input 1

 2/ Right after input 2

 3/ Right before output 1

 4/ Right before output 2


Or is there some other way to do this that I have missed? It doesn't seem possible to have more than one looper, which would be another way to solve this - even if only one of them can be used at once.

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I put 1 at the beginning of a path and I noticed a degradation of the loop when playing over it.... any one else have this happen??? I even got rid of all FX except amp and cab and it still did it. It was less when I played the lead through the 2nd path using the EXP #2 to swap paths... ie: toe down = path #1 and heel down = path #2 

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I imagine the reason why it sounds degraded when putting the looper at the beginning of the path is that the signal chain is then having to deal with more one than one layer of guitar, not something amps are typically meant for or good at. But it does sound much less desirable than it should when using the looper at the beginning of the signal chain even on low low gain chains that shouldn't be causing any dramatic compression. I do think there is a problem that needs addressing there. 

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