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new JTV-69 and everything is great except...

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So brandy new JTV-69 came in...plays great, setup great...sounds great...BUT within literally 3 minutes the top of the model selector knob came off? What the heck? It doesn't look like glue is on it, how the heck is it supposed to be attached???? The chrome hat part.


I should add I am very gentle with my stuff so this makes me a bit nervous as I do gig 3 weekends per month so the plan is for this thing to get some use...I cannot be dealing with weirdo stuff happening while gigging.


With that said, this has been the only issue so far.


How do I reattach it???????


Oh and will this void my warranty? I really don't want to send it back for what should be a simple fix.




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Common problem - just glue it on.  Superglue.


i suggest not use superglue, (or any type of cyanoacrylic glue) as most formulations are not impact resistant, and do not hold up well to being smacked ( which exactly the type of action the Model knob is subject to during gigs) . and its not the best adhesive for bonding chrome metal to plastic  (that's why it fell off before) 


Too easy for superglue to run down into the mechanical switch below and gunk up the up / down model knob switching action 


Use a small drop of quality clear RTV silicone adhesive instead - (Lowes, Home Depot) or Auto parts store


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