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Helix (1.02.2) do not start anymore


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Thanks, that helps!

Unfortunately my presets are lost...

and my confidence is gone! When will this happen next time? Maybe during a gig?

I'm rather unsettled if I should keep the Helix, although I like many of the amp-sounds...

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Mine did the same thing, I hard rebooted it and lost the presets I had been working on.  Seems there is an issue with the Helix PC software that it didn't save the bundle but did save the set list and I was able to get back my presets by importing the setlist I had previously saved.  Then went out and gigged with it and it has been fine since.

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I assigned the Level-parameter of the Output-Block to a footswitch and named it "Level-Boost"

I did that in all my patches and had the black screen three times on the first day.

I only got the black screen on power up after a break though - not while it was running.


I did have it freeze one time while it was running, but that was fixed with a reboot without loosing all the presets.


Could it be related to assigning the pedal to the output parameter?

I did that to save a block for volume change.

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