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ummm this thing is GREAT!

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So I have spent some time with the JTV-69 and wow, the acoustic sounds fantastic...that baritone with my boomerang looper and the regular acoustic model on top is beautiful...


I am very happy with the quality of the guitar too...(minus the model selector hat falling off) it is a very well made guitar!


So Line 6, excellent job...please fix the factory process for the model button so what would have been an absolute slam dunk was a little bit of anguish followed by happiness.


Anyway...this thing is just crazy good sounding...



I might have to change my user name.... :P

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I had the Variax 500 for over a decade and I've had the JTV69 for a year and a half now; both are amazing and neither has given me any trouble at all.  I run them into a Vetta II Combo, a HD500X and now Helix.  


The acoustics are amazing; especially into a PA speaker (I'm using the Alto TS110A).


I also love setting up custom tunings to cover some of my favorite artists and to simulate a 7 string.  I spend most of my time on the Lester - bridge setting.

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@DarrellM5 how has the Helix integration been with the variax?


I actually go through an HD500 to a bose PA...sounds good.


Seems to work the same as the HD500X, just plug it in and it works.


Sounds incredible with my JTV69 into Helix and out to a DT25, or an Alto TS110A pa speaker or through headphones.


I haven't tried forcing tunings yet like I do on my HD500X

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