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Original Lefty Variax 500 still rocking!

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I pre-ordered this guitar the moment they were available through Guitar Center.  I think this was December 2004.  Other then strings and strap locks, I haven't changed a thing on it.  It rotates in and out of use as I have several guitars.  Currently I am playing it with rechargeable batteries.  I had hoped when the JTV guitars were announced they would have a lefty and I hoped when the new Yamaha Variax Standard came out it would be available in lefty.  Ah no such luck.  Either way, I am still happy with the sounds the original produces.  My main worry is the old lefties aren't really available much anymore and who knows in what state, so if my 500 dies I am probably out of luck.  Too bad, there aren't enough of us lefties to make it economical for Line 6 to produce more.  It really is an amazing piece of technology.


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My lefty Variax, from Adirondacks Guitars (December 2007), one of the lasts. Customized by my friend Fabio Ometto (pickguard and GFS pickups, with parallel &serial wiring). Works well and I love the look.






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