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Are Presets Interchangeable Between Hd500/500x And Hd Pro?


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Hello all...............I am just getting back into guitar in my mid-40s after taking a VERY long sabbatical. MUCH has changed during my MANY years off. 


I just picked up my first electrical guitar last week (a nice Charvel!!) but have NOT purchased an amp yet. Having owned MANY JMP45s back in the day as well as Rivera Knuckleheads (killer cleans), plus cabinets, not to mention a couple of racks full of rack mounted gear (Rocktron, Soldano, VHT, etc), I know how expensive AND expansive gear can quickly become when you don't want just one tone but rather ALL tones!!

My primary influences were the glam hair bands of the 80s (Def Leppard, Tesla, Cinderella, Poison, etc) as well as classic rock (Bad Company, Free, AC/DC) etc but I LOVE clean sounds and some heavy Metallica like sounds as well. Part of what appeals to me is the ability of the community to create and share. Being able to download tones created by others is very appealing when you seek various tonal qualities. 


My playing will probably just be confined to home for personal enjoyment/relaxation only. I don't see doing gigs in my future. Been there done that. So, I don't think I need nor can I afford a room full of Marshalls, Mesas, Bogners, Soldanos, Diesels, etc. I can't believe I might be able to get a boat load of tones from a modeler now. Modelers had (*IMHO*) very little real world use (*such as practice when you were traveling and couldn't have your amps with you) when they first came out. Now, I am excited to think I might be able to actually do this and keep it to one room of the house, not break the bank, AND be happy with having MANY GOOD (if not EXCELLENT) tones. 


I was lucky to find Glenn Delaune's YouTube video and his custom artist presets. The quality and range of tones in his video are what is driving me towards Line 6. However, I really like the idea of keeping my gear in a rack (otherwise, it will be everywhere because, well, frankly, I'm just a slob). Therefore, I would prefer an HD Pro, but have not ruled out the HD500/HD500X.

HERE is my question (finally, you long winded dirtbag!):  will custom artist presets created for the HD500 and/or HD500X work on the HD Pro rack mount modeler?
I have read that all of the HD, HD500, HD Pro and HD 500X presets are all interchangable by simply renaming the file extension.  .hbe (bean) .h5e (HD500) .5Xe (HD500X )or .hre (POD HD Pro) so they would probably work but I would like to confirm. Does anyone know? Is this a factual assumption?
I would prefer to keep everything racked if possible. However, if they do not, then I am looking at a used HD500 or possibly HD500X. I wasn't sure if there was any technical differences in the rackmount Pro and the floor model 500/500x that would allow or prevent patches from one to work on the other.
Thanks in advance!! Looking forward to getting back into this!!!! 
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Thanks for the reply!!


OK, I think I understand. Since posting this, I have been reading (and reading..........and reading, I think I am a bit obsessive compul..............SQUIRREL!!) anyways.............



Just finished watching the video comparison of the HD500 to the HD500X. (*very good and informative post BTW).


I realize (now) that the 500X, being the new kid on the block, has the latest processor and more DSPs. Fortunately, I'm a Cisco/IT nerb knob turner so I understand DSPs probably a little better than the average newcomer to the modeling world.


Is the DSP limitation the reason?


What about tones made for the HD500 (non-X)? Would they transfer over to the HDPro?


On a slightly related note, does anyone know of a technical comparison between the models that shows CPU, DSP resources, etc? I would be curious to see HDPro compared to HD500 compared to HD500X in a side by side comparison.

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yes dsp limit is the reason... 500 and pro are not a problem for the most part (the pro has different inputs so if that's not available on the 500 it wont work.)


never seen a side by side... or even an internal pic of the 500x...

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Glad to hear you're playing again after so long.


I have a Pro and I've never had to rename the files I've downloaded for the HD500. Just drag them in or open them from the Editor like usual. In the Editor you will need to change the Open file filter from the default Pro setting to All files or only the .hre files will be visible (for Windows).

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that's exactly what i'd do with single tones... bundles and setlists may not work that way though (haven't tried)

Glad to hear you're playing again after so long.


I have a Pro and I've never had to rename the files I've downloaded for the HD500. Just drag them in or open them from the Editor like usual. In the Editor you will need to change the Open file filter from the default Pro setting to All files or only the .hre files will be visible (for Windows).

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I've tried drag/dropping a Setlist file and it doesn't work. You need to use the Open Setlist command and then change the Open file filter as noted by briandshelby. This should work for opening HD500 files in the HD500x. Note that it's not backwards compatible, for the DSP reasons mentioned.


Also, you can get unpredictable results when drag/dropping HD500/Pro/Desktop files between devices because of the different Inputs. Best to use the file conversion utility developed and generously offered by jzab:

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*Excluding the HD300 and HD500 (most likely)


Yes ALL of my (HD Series) patches are compatible across ALL platforms of the POD HD, HD500, HD500X, HDPRO & HD PROX. They do not exceed the DSP limit of the X's.


Check This Out!! I'll bet you didn't know your POD could do this!!

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Hi everyone,


I have pod HD500X and i dont know if or how can i use patches from hdpro/hdprox ?

i tried to use the converter but with no success.


Please let me know if you have a solution for me.

Keep rocking :)

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On 24/7/2013 at 15:01, thompsondd said:

Hola a todos ............... Acabo de volver a la guitarra a mediados de los 40 después de tomar un año sabático MUY largo. MUCHO ha cambiado durante mis MUCHOS años de descanso. 


Acabo de comprar mi primera guitarra eléctrica la semana pasada (¡un bonito Charvel!) Pero todavía no he comprado un amplificador. Habiendo tenido MUCHOS JMP45 en el pasado, así como Rivera Knuckleheads (limpiadores asesinos), además de gabinetes, sin mencionar un par de bastidores llenos de equipo montado en bastidor (Rocktron, Soldano, VHT, etc.), sé lo caro y expansivo equipo ¡puede convertirse rápidamente cuando no quieres un solo tono sino TODOS los tonos!

Mis influencias principales fueron las bandas glamorosas de los 80 (Def Leppard, Tesla, Cinderella, Poison, etc.), así como el rock clásico (Bad Company, Free, AC / DC), etc., pero ME ENCANTA los sonidos limpios y algunos sonidos pesados de Metallica. también. Parte de lo que me atrae es la capacidad de la comunidad para crear y compartir. Poder descargar tonos creados por otros es muy atractivo cuando buscas varias cualidades tonales. 


Mi juego probablemente se limitará al hogar solo para disfrute / relajación personal. No veo hacer conciertos en mi futuro. He estado allí hecho eso. Por lo tanto, no creo que necesite ni puedo pagar una habitación llena de Marshalls, Mesas, Bogners, Soldanos, Diesels, etc. No puedo creer que ahora pueda obtener un bote lleno de tonos de un modelador. Los modeladores tenían (* en mi humilde opinión *) muy poco uso en el mundo real (* como practicar cuando viajaba y no podían tener sus amplificadores con usted) cuando salieron por primera vez. Ahora, estoy emocionado de pensar que podría ser capaz de hacer esto y mantenerlo en una habitación de la casa, no romper el banco, y estar feliz de tener MUCHOS BUENOS (si no EXCELENTES) tonos. 


Tuve la suerte de encontrar el video de Glenn Delaune en YouTube y sus presets de artista personalizados. La calidad y el rango de tonos en su video es lo que me está conduciendo hacia la Línea 6. Sin embargo, me gusta mucho la idea de mantener mi equipo en un estante (de lo contrario, estará en todas partes porque, francamente, solo soy un haragán). Por lo tanto, preferiría un HD Pro, pero no descarté el HD500 / HD500X.

AQUÍ está mi pregunta (¡finalmente, bolsa de basura larga y sin aliento!):   ¿Funcionarán los presets de artista personalizados creados para HD500 y / o HD500X en el modelador de montaje en bastidor HD Pro?
He leído que todos los preajustes HD, HD500, HD Pro y HD 500X son intercambiables simplemente cambiando el nombre de la extensión del archivo. .hbe (bean) .h5e (HD500) .5Xe (HD500X) o .hre (POD HD Pro) para que probablemente funcionen, pero me gustaría confirmarlo. ¿Alguien sabe? ¿Es esta una suposición fáctica?
Preferiría mantener todo enredado si es posible. Sin embargo, si no lo hacen, entonces estoy viendo un HD500 usado o posiblemente un HD500X. No estaba seguro de si había diferencias técnicas en el rackmount Pro y el modelo de piso 500 / 500x que permitirían o evitarían que los parches de uno funcionen en el otro.
¡¡Gracias por adelantado!! Estoy deseando volver a esto !!!! 

SI  puedes perfectamente cambiando solo la extension  al final del archivo y listo ahi tienes  el preset para el dispositivo que tengas  !" 

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i didn't own a L6 product in 2013 when this thread was created, so I don't know why so many people gave the answers they gave. 

But, today, 2019.... 


The four units (500/x/pro/x) are all compatible with each other (assuming one has kept up to date with the firmware). 


There are 3 things to be mindful of: 

1. The file explorer will not recognize the file extensions other than for the EDIT unit you have opened (as example 500 EDIT will only see 500 files). You need to either use the drag-n-drop method, or you need to rename the file extensions. 

2. The two floor units have a few minor hardware differences from the two rack units (as example, footswitches). So, while the software is the same, it is possible that a patch may not work as designed. 

3. Due to supply issues with the original parts, the two X units were given a bit more processing power (which is why the name was amended instead of changed, it wasn't actually a new/different product). While you are still limited to 8 fx and two amps on all 4 units, it is possible (however unlikely) that an X patch will not function on a non-X device. This can be "fixed" by opening a patch in offline mode, and removing/changing an effect -- just make sure you close EDIT before you plug the unit back in to your computer.



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