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Replacement Part for TBP12


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Hi there, new member here. I had a pretty rough gig last weekend and noticed today i have a piece missing from my G50 transmitter. It's the part that locks the cable into the transmitter. The cable still plugs in and the wireless still works but it is flimsy and not safe for gig use. I have found what looks to be the correct replacement part, but I don't need the entire jack. I believe I only need the threaded part and the nut.




Should I buy this or is there a simpler, cheaper, and more readily available fix? I'd appreciate any guidance in the right direction. Thanks!


Here's a picture of what mine looks like vs what it should look like:




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That's the correct part, and the new versions should be metal. The older plastic version was weak and vulnerable to breaking meaning the mini-XLR no longer locks as you've discovered. The socket is fixed to a small board inside and to replace it you need to do the following:


- Place the transmitter LCD-down on a flat surface.

- Remove the 4 Torx screws from the back of the transmitter (clip can stay on).

- Hold the battery door carefully as you separate the 2 halves of the transmitter (the pin and/or spring may try and escape otherwise).

- Put rear casing half and battery door (with pin and spring) somewhere safe - also the small metal spacer near the mini-XLR socket which will now be loose.

- Remove the 2 screws securing the battery holder and wiggle it loose (can stay attached via the power wires).

- The small board for the antenna can now be freed (again, can stay attached via ribbon cable). Another metal spacer is underneath it - keep this safe.

- Remove main board securing screw. Board can now be freed.

- Remove mini-XLR securing nut and wiggle socket assembly to remove from casing (from the inside).


- Insert new socket assembly and affix securing nut.

- Check squidgy buttons above LCD are still in place, then refit main board (slight pressure is required as socket contacts are spring-loaded) and replace securing screw.

- Refit metal spacer and transmitter board.

- Refit battery holder (has plastic lip to secure transmitter board.

- Refit other metal spacer.

- Check you didn't pull the power/mute board out by mistake as the plastic power button overlay tends to fall off if you do.

- If all looks as it should, hold the battery door in place in the bottom half, refit the top half and screw it on.


It's pretty easy, just requires the right tools, plenty of light, preferably a tray to stop small components going AWoL and a gentle touch.

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I have a similar problem with my TBP12 bodypack, I'm looking for a replacement battery door in the UK. I've found the part on Line 6 website but international shipping is 6 times the price of the actual part!


Can anyone direct me to the right place?


Thanks in advance!



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I know this is an old thread, BUT...

Thanks for the info on how the remove and replace the input jack. That was very helpful.

I ordered a replacement part from Full Compass last week. The replacement was PLASTIC like the stock piece not metal as indicated on their web site. I installed it anyway but still would like to get a METAL replacement.

Also does anyone know what size the 4 screws are that on the back of the TBP12? I know that you need a torx T6 to remove them.


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Wow, this thread is old, which doesn't bode well.


Do line 6 still even make these? I'm in the Uk and need 5, or at least 3. I'm having no luck at all.

Full Compass are out of stock, but don't seem to ship internationally anyway.


Any guidance will be much appreciated.



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I desperately need a TBP12 TA4f Input Jack  - Line 6 50-02-5010 4-Pin Input Jack. I own a g30, a G50, and a G90. I've owned 2 G50's, and 2 G30's.  I've replaced the defective battery doors on three. I have 5 transmitters. Only one still can hold the input cable in. I'm Always gentle. But it's a bad part. I really don't like taping things together. Can ANYONE locate 2-3 of these for me? Jon9max@verizon.net 609.678.7919. Thanks. (out of stock here, and full compass.)

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