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ANOTHER problem.... dang it.


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Last week at band practice 0 problems... sounded great, thought I was in the clear.


Last night at band practice, in a 2 hour practice the sound cut out 4 times and needed a reboot to get going again.


Screen stayed on, scribble strips still showed my patch names, I could switch patches and the screen would show the change... just no sound at all.


I am using JTV59 using variax cable and the only thing I can think that was similar in each incident was I believe I was using or had just used the Expression Pedal Toe switch. I checked all cables and everything was secure.


I don't remember seeing this problem posted... anyone else have this happen and know of a fix?


Got a gig in 3 weeks.... would really like to use this but not if it's gonna cut out.

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Call CS and let them know asap.  I think I do remember seeing a few other post about people having issues like this but I can't be for certain.  Either way, the only real way to get a bug reported and fixed is to call them directly.  Thanks for posting it though!  Something to look out for.

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I had a similar issue yesterday, sound cut off, looks the Helix wasn't able to power up my JTV-59 through the VDI cable.  It happen twice since I got the Helix a week ago.

Since the battery inside the JTV was fully charge, I plugged a 1/4 guitar cable to verify if the Helix was still able to make some sound, it did.  

So to fix the issue, I unplugged both 1/4 and VDI from the JTV and plugged back only the VDI cable, JTV power and sound came back out of VDI, no need to power cycle Helix.  

I double check the VDI cable with a cable tester, all good.  I'm using this cable with the HD500x since the last 2 years, never had any issue with it.  


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I had a problem with a particular preset that would kill the sound about 20 seconds after selecting it.  This would repeat every time.  Reflashing the firmware fixed it.  Something must have gotten corrupted the first time I flashed the firmware.  


Note:  This was with 1.02.2.

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