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HD500X Sync


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Here is my issue -- it might be operator error, or a device problem .. I don't know. Would love some thoughts.


System: Win 10, HD500X ... all drivers, firmware, software are up to date.

I am using HD500 Edit to design my tones.


I have a set list I'm working on. I am starting (mostly) from the metal and vintage packs which I bought recently. I cannot get the output levels to match (or even close) so I have added a volume pedal to each of 4 tones that I am working. (the level issue is another problem, but not the one I'm curious about today.)


here is the issue:


I sync my tones from the software to the HD500x, which ostensibly writes the files from the software to the device.


I step on a footswitch to move from one tone another ... one step -- and NO VOLUME PEDAL. I step a second time, the HD500X says 'syncing' and then voila, the volume pedal appears. I move to another tone using the footswitch ... no volume pedal -- I hit the same switch a second time, 'syncing' the voila, the volume pedal appears. Repeat. Repeat.


It is maddening. Then I shut down the HD500X Edit, and now there is no volume pedal on any of the tones I just edited.


I assume this is operator error -- but for the life of me, I cannot figure out what is going on here and why the tones wont write from the EDIT software to the device. (I've had this device for a while, and have had a UX8 for many years prior.)


Any help would be most welcome.



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I think I've experienced something similar when switching between tones and losing the pedal.  In reality I don't "lose" the pedal.  I found that the volume pedal doesn't get sync'd or calibrated with the change from one patch to another.  I can fix it easily by simply rocking the pedal back to zero and then back up and the pedal is working.  This only happens when I'm connected to the edit program.  I've never had it happen when the board is operating on it's own.  It seems to be some kind of bug in the software relating to the volume pedal.  I have noticed it hasn't happened as often since I changed my workflow and I save changes to the patch by hitting the save button on the 500X which forces the sync to go the other way (back to the HD Edit program).


As far as getting your output levels to match, normally I can do this by modifying the amp's volume level on the patches to get them in line with each other.  Occassionally I may have to tweak the output level of some boost or distortion pedal earlier in the chain if the amp volume it being overwhelmed by the output of the boost/distortion effect.  I usually do this by selecting the patch with the overall lowest output volume but with the highest amp volume setting to use as the reference for aligning the others.  I figure it doesn't matter if they're aligned to a lower volume since I can set the master volume to bring up the level on all the patches and keep them sync'd up.

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