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Line 6 HD 500x Experiance and Awe and the long road to get here


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To begin I have to say, especially now with my new complete Line 6 rig, every time, and I do mean EVERY, I get G.A.S. over a new amp, or new gear.... Which usually happens when I haven't played for a couple of days and I get some manufacturers email, or Musician Friend, Guitar Center,ect....

I can now ALWAYS return to my HD500X and get that tone or better....


I could go way back, but my first Experiance with Tube amos ant trying to achieve that tone that each of us hears in our heads, and in our hearts started with loving the tone on the Van Halen Carnal Knowlege CD.... It hit you in your chest, went thru you, and screamed for days....


Yet also I play a Variety of music from Zepplin, To 80's metal, to Souther Rock, Blues, And Progressive Metal.


So gear history pros and cons and my journey:

5150 Combo,

BOSS Harmonist Set to Detune-/Detune+

(Best Pedal for opening up your sound that is still a main stay; even with my HD500 X)

Rockman Smart Gate, and Rockman EQ

BOSS Digital Delay

Rackmount Furman Power Supply.

And if course a Crybaby Wah


Out thumped, out screamed and overpowered the other guitarist Half Stack Marshall JCM 800

( He actually got mad that even though he had, in his opinion, the ONLY good gear out there, that my rig nocked stuff off the wall and he couldn't come


Heavy, no rack case, wires and cables everywhere, took forever to set up and tear down with the cable mess... And 2 Channels with one EQ (Stupid Design, lead to adding BOSS Graphic EQ Pedal)

Tone not quite there believe it or not...


Next went my first experience trying to consolidate and expand my versatility

Digitech 2120 and foot controller

Marshall 50/50 el34 power amp

Furman Power Supply

All in a hand carried Rack that sat on top of a Crate Blue Voodoo Halfstack.


Multiple sounds and Effects... Easy hookup....


HEAVY to move and carry

Delay in switching presets (even a small delay can effect timing, it drove me nuts...)

Mic Recording



Finally a tube amp with tone and multiple versatility:

Peavey JSX,

TC Electronics GSystem

And multiple pedals controlled by the System too

Two Unique Hartke Built 4/10 Celestion guitar cabinets


Multiple patches and effects all controlling a great tube amp


Custom built pedal board that had to have wheels it was so dang HEAVY and every now and then having to deal with checking for loose cables...

Caring a pedal board, a rack, a head and two cabinets

Mic Recording


Then I bought a Line 6 Ux1 for my PC fir recording and was blown away...


Not long after I got rid of my tube gear for:

LINE 6 VETTA combo


Almost everything


Tone still not quite there, and in made a HORRIBLE WOOFING bass sound when pushed to the gain levels I wanted....



Line 6 Live X3

Power Amp

The 2 Hartke Cabs



Great Tones, could just carry the X3 to practice and hook it up through our PA, PC recording with no Mic issues...


PLASTIC!!!! Didn't trust its stability and endurance gigging...

Kept it though, still have it...



Marshall JVM 410H

And my wife bought me a Marshall 1960 A cabinet ( bye bye Hartkes)


Very versatile in tones, scream, thump, clean...


Back to pedals and as the gain when per channel, hearing my effects when bye bye....

Heavy Again and took awhile to hook up my pedal board and geek tones per gig...


Finally, and after the long story...

I heard about the Line 6 HD500X


I tried it....

After a year with the Marshall, I sold it all ( it did look great on stage and did sound good if it wasn't for my addiction to Delays and my Harmonist)

Pros: everything and give me that great warm tube tone every time, I don't know how you do it, but even my gear head friend can't tell the difference...

Cons: Nothing


I bought the HD500X and reall made the jump and bought the increadable LT3 speaker cab/pa, 1400 watts af pure power.

If you don't use one with your HD500x you don't know what you're missing...

I run one of my guitars that is stereo Electric/Acoustic with the Electric side into my HD500x and the acoustic side into the LT3....

OMG there is nothing I can not do with this!!! Of course I, though pissed off about it after dropping 1600 on a whole line 6 rig, bought the software upgrade...


I run Everthing thru this, My iPad thru the ins on the LT3, the HD500x with the Line 6 smart cable, mics too!!!


In my studio I run the HD500x into my PC, then thru my DAW to record, then back thru my headphone outs (let's everything come thru and after trial and error works the best) back to my LT3 as a studio monitor....


Long winded I know, but my point is, after a long journey, years of trying,

There is nothing I cannot do with this rig, and EVERY time I want something new, I get it out of my Line 6 gear... I have gone head to head with other guitarist rigs and they are blown away and impressed...

I can get any tone I hear in my head,

And I always finding out something new to do with this gear....


Thank you Line 6 for your years of research to create the perfect rig for such a picky, TUBE enthusiast guitarist as myself!!!!


The only thing I think I would love more than playing your gear would be having the privelege of teaching others about your gear...

No, I'm not begging for a Job, I'm fine, I am a sales and customer service proffesional and I sell and support only stuff I believe in....

And I have always wanted to work at something I enjoy, and believe in, so if you every need anything, I am so greatful for your diligent hard work for us guitarist, I would love to return the favor...

I already promote your gear anyway, lol

Thank you so much again

Paul Logan

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Sounds great.... Actually increadable....

Though with the LT3 I do get a lot more versatile, especially when running stereo guitars and mics... All right into my PC studio and back into the LT3 as a monitor...

And DJing out of the LT3....

Do you have that awesome Pink Floyd Patch?

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I never could get the right chorus like separation similar to an Eventide Harmonist out of the PS6....

I sold my first HR2 and regretted it and spent about a year searching music shops and pawn shops to find one again...

I love that chorus like sound it creates without the swell that occurs in chorus pedals..

I set up my amps so that they sound great to me first, the add the HR2 in and it makes it sound increadable

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I havent tried the dimension pedal....

Since my VH days I have always liked the setting he used on the Eventide Harmonizer.... Just could never see spending 3000.00 on a unit for one setting... Lol


I love that chorus open dual guitar sound, but I have such a touchy ear that any kind of wave swell like a standard chorus or tremolo makes me feel like my guitar is out of tune, the swelling vibration sound that is made when it's out of tune.


That's why I like the +\- setting on the Harmonist.... It really sounds like two guitars, opens up the tone....


I'm using it with almost all of my hd500x patches

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I love that chorus open dual guitar sound, but I have such a touchy ear that any kind of wave swell like a standard chorus or tremolo makes me feel like my guitar is out of tune, the swelling vibration sound that is made when it's out of tune.




That’s what I love about the Dimension C, it can be used without hearing the ocean!! LOL

When I first started playing guitar the guys at the local music store where I took lessons were ranting and raving about it, I didn’t “get it†at the time because the setting they loved so much was subtle. I was like, “Where’s the Depth parameter?â€. Fast forward a couple decades and I finally scored one on e-bay back in 2000-ish.


btw, the pedal is based on the Roland Dimension D rack mount.


The POD HD does have a model of the pedal.

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So I've set up some patches to run my effects loop and run my HR to through them but I would like to give some custom tone patches to people for the ones that I work on what line 6 effect in my HD 500 would you suggest they could get me close to that harmonist

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Because I'll tell you what no matter what I set up if it sounds great the minute I turn on that harmonist it just makes it sound to hundred percent better.

I'm currently dialing in a true Van Halen tone without using any distortion pedals just the amp.

I'll be working on a George Lynch, a Chris Degarmo and a Petrucci patch next...

If you can get the sound you need out of the amp, it sound more pure...

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Plus I want them user friendly, not too complicated so you can gig with them and make quick adjustments on the fly...

So they will probably be A/B/C/D patches, clean, gain, overdrive and lead for each


Then I'll finish my own patch which I've been working on for a while which consists of a clean and a fully overdriven amp working in succession to give you a great scream clarity and feedback...

I just needs close to HR2 effect to complete them...

Any ideas...

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...Do you have that awesome Pink Floyd Patch?...


Below some Pink Floyd patches:


1. Money:

    isolated solo guitar track:


    solo patch:

    trem patch: attached


2. Brain Damage:





Read analysis in the vids+patches descriptions.



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