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POD X3 Live (and I would not be surprised if ALL MULTI EFFECTS) - terrible Hissing pb.

Just found the root cause but don't know how to solve it.


My device is connected via USB to the PC.

The device is also connected to external sound card in stereo using 2x 1/4 cables.

In fact there is a loop POD==>USB==>PC==>sound card==>POD.

HISS occurs in that very construct even if POD is not plugged to the transformer power supply !!!


The hiss is EMI induced (electro magnetic interference) from electrical source which ever it is (probably computer)


If I break the loop in any way, EMI induced hiss stops.

for instance,

  1. keep  POD==>1/4 cables==>sound card plugged and disconnect USB ========> no more HISS.
  2. Keep PC==>USB==>POD plugged and disconnect 1 of the 2 1/4 cable = 2fold less hiss ; the 2 cables ====>no more HISS.


What I am not sure is whether loop can be broken using solid and shielded 1/4 cables.


Any help appreciated.

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