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DT50 intergration with Helix,, HOW DO THEY SOUND AND FEEL TOGETHER ?


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Greetings !!!! Still very little on how the Helix sounds with a DT50. I realize its not fully integrated presently. But hooked up with L6 Link does it sound and feel WAY better than it does with the HD500 ?? Come on,,, there is lots of us who are just dying to know !!!!! Everything so far is how it sounds through monitors. Come guys, you know not everyone is only run it direct. How does it sound through a DT50,,, and other amps ?


I realize that there is probably a new amp coming down the chute from Line 6 that will be meant to mate with it perfectly. Which would be great, and that excites the heck out of me too. But Line 6 has been pretty much silent on how well these 2 devices intergrate


Anyone ???


Cheers, Eddie :)

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I recently spent some time trying it out with my DT25.  It sounded really good but I'm confused as to exactly how Helix and the DT interface with each other.


It sounded fine with just the L6 Link cable hooked up but I wasn't sure if when I was using a preamp in Helix if I wasn't also using another preamp in the DT (like stacking preamps).  It tried it with a MIDI cable and it was pretty cool to be able to switch topologies.


I also tried it in 4-cable method and that's what I'm going to stick with until they add more DT support to Helix.


Was it WAY better than the HD500?  Not yet but I think it will be if Line 6 adds additional support to Helix.

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