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Moving a "multiple" footswitch assignment should not change customized name.


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Moving a "Multiple" assignment (for example turn on Mutant Filter, turn off compressor) from one footswitch to another requires reassigning up to all eight of your pedals/assignments to the new footswitch instead of moving all of the current assignments at one time. Additionally, if you have a customized name it will be lost and you will have to retoggle in the name again.  You also lose the color for the footswitch ring if you had that customized as well.


Seems like just moving a multiple assignment to an alternate footswitch should retain all of your pedal/assignment choices, the customized name, and the customized color. The only method I am aware of, makes moving a multiple assigned switch, particularly a customized one more painful than it needs to be as you need to essentially rebuild everything you had assigned to the footswitch from scratch. Is there some other method that moves the whole multiple assignment,name, and color at once? If not, this is a feature that would greatly simplify things and save lots 'o time.

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Sounds a great idea - a page where you can rearrange the pedal assignments; even if it is only available from the external Editor (when that appears).


Why don't you raise and Ideascale Idea for it?


Done, thanks and I agree, I can see this one only popping up in the editor but they could really use this functionality on the floorboard as well!


You can vote for it here:

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