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Links to original modeled FX manuals and specs


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I'm printing up the manual and cheat sheet for the Helix (c'mon....27th).  I'm a documentation junkie with a serious highlighter addiction. My understanding (as read from other threads) is that the interface for specific amps and stomp boxes are modeled on the interface for the originals.  


In another thread I suggested that we compile a list of links for the original stomps, amps, etc., that are modeled in the Helix. Here is what I have so far.  Please note that Line 6 originals are not part of this list.


I've done my level best finding actual source content.  I've included notes where I felt they were needed.  Feel free to jump on correcting anything or adding items.


If any of the L6 guys happen to feel the love, I'm number 40 in line at MF, my Gear Head is Tom at 3077, and I would LOVE to be bumped up on that list. :P 


Distortion Models


Minotaur:            Klon Centaur                               



Drive:                    Fulltone OCD            



Driver:                  Chandler Tube Driver




OD:                        DOD OD-250

(note:  Not much here)


Scream 808:        Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer



D9:                         MAXON SD9 Sonic Distortion



Disto:                    Pro Co Rat



Fuzz:                      Arbiter FuzzFace



Fuzz:                      Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi



Fuzz:                      Z.Vex Fuzz Factory

(note: I’m not sure this is the correct one, but it is the only one I could find)



Fuzz:                      Tycobrahe Ocatavia

(note:  This link is for a replica.  Best I could find.  If somebody can find a link to the actual original, please provide)


Megaphone:      Megaphone

(note:  I’m presuming they are talking about the Voicetone X1.  If not, somebody please correct)





Squeeze:             MXR Dyna Comp


LA Studio

Comp:                   Teletronix LA-2A





10 Band Graphic

EQ:                         MXR Ten Band Graphic EQ





Optical Trem:     Fender Optical Tremolo Circuit

(note:  This is for a feature, so here is a link to an article on the circuit)


60’s Bias

Trem:                    Vox AC-15 Tremolo

(note:  This is for a feature, so here is a link to the amp)



Script Mod

Phase:             MXR Phase 90

(note: It is a flashed-base site so you need to click on the "manual" tab



Vibe:                Shin-ei Uni-Vibe

(note:  I have not been able to find an actual scan of the manual.  This is a site which offers one unit for sale and includes a picture of the manual's text seventh picture from left)



Flanger:               MXR 117 Flanger



Flanger:               A/DA Flanger



Flange:                 Electro-Harmonix Deluxe EM



Chorus:                                BOSS CE-1

(note:  Click on Manual and/or schematics link to DL pdf)



Chorus:                                DyTronics Tri-Stereo Chorus

(note:  I believe this is  the correct one to that which they modeled)



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Hey thanks for the list I wasn't sure what are some of those were supposed to be because I've not been in the loop when it comes to stomp boxes for the past probably 20 years since I used and SGX2000 express since early 90s and 11 rack the past couple years

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Mystery Filter - Korg A3:


Mutant Filter - Mu Tron III:

    Link to non-downloadable manual without registering:



Awesome!  Thanks Duncann!

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Bam!  Thanks!

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