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Is it possible to transfer tones from POD Pro to POD Pro HD X?

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Hi, sorry I'm new to this.


I've had a Pod Pro for a number of years (the red rack unit one) and I've got a number of custom tones on it.

On Tuesday, I treated myself to a POD PRO HD X and it's the lollipop.

I'm wondering if it's possible to transfer my old tones on to the tonelibrary and into my new pod?


Explain like I'm a potato :D


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You can't transfer the patches directly because they are incompatible. The underlying modeling technology has completely changed. What you can do as a starting point is run your Pod Pro edit program to view all the settings. Then open the Pod HD ProX Edit program (without the HD ProX connected - it can run standalone) and manually recreate the Pod Pro patch settings as closely as possible. Save the Pod HD ProX patches to your computer.


Then, with the Pod HD ProX connected, load the saved patches into HD ProX Edit. You will have to tweak them due to the change in modeling technology but you should be able to improve on the quality of the original patches. When satisfied, use the Send Selected feature in HD ProX Edit to send/save the patches to the Pod HD ProX device.

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