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So close to selling Till.....


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Nearly got rid of it just wasn't doing it for me,I tried it thru a Matrix amp,with a Matrix Q12 passive frfr,didn't like it,then thru Powered QSC not impressed,thru the matrix amp and a Mesa lone star 4 X 10 Jenson cab bit better,but not satisfied.Started to pack it up for Sale,but then a thought !!!!! I'll try the power amp section of my Mesa Royal Atlantic, into my port city 2x12 OS cab loaded with V30 BINGO LOVE IT,have a Mesa Power amp on the way.Once my amp comes thru I'll start programming.


Guys the above are my opinion,what I hear is not necessarily,what anyone else may like,I come from the valve amp era,and trying my best to grasp the new technology,albeit that I'm using 50% of the modern technology at this stage,it's a far cry from the past,where I would turn my nose up at anything modelling.

This unit however is convincing me,

To the Team at Line 6 I congratulate you all,I'm certain with commitment you will outshine your competitors

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I am running a Engl power tube amp 2x50 and its sounds really good.

I'm using the gt75 speakers but I like the vintage 30 also. I've yet to use a pa, powered monitors/ speakers. That can match a good old 12" guitar speaker for me. ( what I hear)

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