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Recommended Amps?


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I realise this is a complicated and subjective question, but what amplifiers would you recommend for the Variax Standard:

a) the best all round

b) best for electric models

c) best for acoustic

d) most affordable?

You're right...those are entirely subjective questions, answerable only by you.


There's no such thing as a "best amp" to pair with any one individual instrument, be it a Variax or any other guitar under the sun. It's like asking for the best car to drive to long as the wheels turn, they'll all get you there, but nobody can tell you whether or not you'll enjoy the ride.


Are you playing bluegrass, smooth jazz, or death metal? A Fender Twin Reverb won't do you much good if you're trying to sound like Slayer.


Everybody in here is likely to have a different definition of "affordable". Do you live in a 3 million dollar home, or a cardboard box under a bridge?

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The best way to use a Variax Standard is with a full range powered monitor. This is the only way you will get a great acoustic and electric sound from one amp/monitor. I've paired my Variax Standard with a Firehawk FX and I run it into a Yorkville YX10p powered monitor.

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Depending on your budget the best amp for your Variax is either a POD HD500X (or HD500, you should be able to find one pretty cheap), a Firehawk or a Helix and a monitor speaker.


I currently have a JTV-69S and a Firehawk and am running it through a powered monitor. Before my Firehawk I had a POD HD500 and both of these solutions work very well.


I do also run my Variax through my VOX VC4-C1 and it sounds pretty good as well but the Firehawk releases the real power of the guitar.

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