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What effects pedals are you still keeping?

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On 9/14/2017 at 11:45 AM, wafry1975 said:

so far my keepers are:

TC electronic flashback mini - just a great pedal and not worth selling.. in some ways, its delays+effects are on par with the helix, if I ever wanted to add it...

way huge red llama "BYOC" clone - nothing similar in the helix, plus since it's a clone, it's worth more to me than it would be to someone else.

EHX Glove - again, not worth selling, it's a great pedal if I ever need it, and used market makes it worth keeping... it also pushes tube amps great, so I might try it in a helix loop sometime

Boss CE-5 - same. though less useful to use with the helix..


I haven't plugged in a pedal/pedalboard or tube amp since I got the helix... I'm keeping my tube amps for now, and I can use their effects return in, and bypass the cab emulation for that 'amp in the room' thing...


I wouldn't say I NEED any of them with the helix... they just aren't worth selling... the red llama is the only one that helix doesn't have something similar to... the pedal can be magical hitting the right amp... if you have an amp you find too trebly/fizzy the red llama is a fixer that makes it thick, maybe even sludgy as needed... but having 64 amps(so far) in the helix, the use for the llama is limited


I sold my soul food, carbon copy, tube screamer, noise gate and a yamaha THR10x already.. my 535Q wah, Volume pedal Mini, and compressor are on ebay still.

I have the HX Effects and was considering getting a Camel Toe. I had the RL 25th anniversary and sold it but missed its tones. I was able to copy all my analog pedals but not sure about the Red Llama. Figured I'd pick a CT up used and get the Rhino for not much more in one pedal.  Any luck trying to copy your Red LLama? Thanks 

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Keeping my Strymon pedals:



     Big Sky

     Lester K


They sound better to me than the corresponding built-in effects in the Helix.






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Since I got my Helix a bit over a year ago, I've sold most of my pedals that  were duplicated in Helix (OCD, DS-1, Tube Screamer, etc). I still have about 40 pedals left and going forward I'm not sure how many more I'll part with but I am certain I will keep my EQ Devices Afterneath, Transmisser and The Depths along with Digitech Freq, EHX SuperEgo Plus, Big Muff Deluxe and Pigtronix Philosopher King, Disnortion Micro and Smiletone Governor's Blues.

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1 hour ago, malduroque said:

I still have about 40 pedals left...

Wow! That's really a large selection! :-)


I sold most of the pedals I used before I got my Helix. But some pedals are so unique that I'll continue to use them:

- Digitech Whammy DT

- Digitech Freqout

- Electro Harmonix Attack Decay - brand new! :-)

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I have kept my Eventide H9 Max, an EHX POG 2, an EHX Mel9 and a Roland GR-55...

Hoping the Helix will have a better sounding octave up option in a future update!

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Digitech Drop - Way Huge Pork Loin - TC Electronic The Quintessence.

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