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Amp Switching


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HI All,wondering if any can instruct me thru,switching channels on my Royal Atlantic,I get as far as Menu/Command centre/selecting a footswitch,toggling to Ext Amp and then selecting ring,tip etc

While I'm selecting its not actually changing channels,not sure if i should be seeing changes at that point,regardless I can't get it to switch any channels.BTW i have the little blue triangles above the command footswitch but no action.Where have i gone wrong?

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Hello, I have my Helix two days. I have several line 6 products (vetta, toneport, amplifi, variax,mobile keys) The Helix is now the flagship :) â€‹.


But I have a little problem.

My amp is a Fender 65 de luxe reverb. I want to use two knops EXT AMP to contact the reverb and the vibrato of the Fender amp.

One for reverb and one for vibrato.

I use a standard trs good working cable.


The reverb can be on and off but the vibrato stays on (stops a part of a second)


De fender amp sleef + ring = reverb off    sleef + tip + vibato on


I have tried several combinations but de vibrato stays on.

Help me.


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