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Creating amp settings for songs?


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Hi everyone,


I purchased the Line 6 Amplifi a couple months ago and it's been quite enjoyable. I've just started playing guitar so I find the pre-set tones that users have created to be very helpful as a beginner as I don't know the amp settings for a lot of songs.


My main problem is that a lot of songs I want to play don't have tones already created or haven't been made by the community yet. Or they are quite low rating.


So my question is, how do I create my own amp settings for songs I want to play? As I'm a beginner, I'm very unfamiliar with creating amp settings as I don't know is needed and it's hard for me to replicate a sound by ear.


I'm a big fan of Muse and I want to play some of their songs such as:


Supermassive black hole

Stockholm Syndrome


New Born


And various others. Some of these don't have any tones created and others have low ratings so I'm wondering how I can create my own? The manual isn't brilliant for this amp so I'm uncertain whether I can download a tone from online.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how a beginner can create their own tones for songs?


Thank you.

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In general, creating your own tones is quite simple.  Just select the gear you want to use and play around with the settings until you get a tone you like.


For creating specific tones for an individual song or artist, I find it easiest to do a google search and see what might come up.


For example, going to google and searching for "muse supermassive black hole guitar tone" gives a ton of good search results that you can read through to find out which types of amps they use and what effect pedals and settings would work.


Also, Equipboard.com is a decent place to look up what gear different artist's use/have used.  Here's the page for Matthew Bellamy:  http://equipboard.com/pros/matthew-bellamy


Then, you just have to find equivalent amps and effects on your Amplifi and set up your tone.  Here's a list of the gear equivalents for the Amplifi amps:  http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/amplifi-products/ampl/amplififulllistofampsandeffects

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I don't know if I'd call it "quite simple" to duplicate a tone. If you listen to a lot of the user created tones you can see that many have failed at this. I only hear about 1 in 10 user created tones that come close to the actual tone in hte song. But those are the ones I save off.

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Hello there...similar question


I have had the Amplifi 150 for a while now, but since the recent updates there is something I have noticed...


It used to be, when I wanted to play a Pink Floyd song I had in my library, it would search for a tone, I would customize it; make it a favorite for that song...


So every time I pulled up Pink Floyd Dogs in my music queue on the Amplifi app, it would automatically select the tone I customized and saved. 


Now when I play that song I have to weed through the thousands of Pink Floyd tones.


How to I get the app/amp to use the tone I want it to use for Pink Floyd?  Like it used to do, when I could save them as favorites.  What am I missing?



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