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The FBV Shortboard MKII is a controller. That means it controls another compatible device via a cable connection. The controller itself does not store anything, and it does not make/create sounds or tones.


To find a list of the Line 6 devices that the Shortboard will control, look here:


Your Shortboard does nothing by itself. You need one of these compatible products (the things that actually create sounds/tones and store them). Do you have one of these other devices? If so, please provide more details about what you are trying to do.

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Does anyone know where there might be directions to edit the MKII for settings like value port channel? I'd like to know what all of these and other settings do with out blowing it up. I know you can save the config and change etc. RTF is my modo. Thanks.

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Anyone know the difference between fbv shortboard MK 1 and 2 ?


I Think the main difference betwen the 2 is that the MKII has a USB connection and the original one doesn't. They both have the CAT5 cable connection.


Whooops, I think I'm talking about the Express boards or is the shortboard the same thing?

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