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Laptop to Amplifi as a Bluetooth speaker - FINALLY WORKING!!!


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For anyone who may have had a similar issue, I was FINALLY able to get the amplifi to work on windows 10 after pulling my hair out and trolling the forums for answers.  


I'm not sure if this will work for anyone else as it was SUPER simple, but after simply adding the amplifi as a bluetooth device, it wouldn't work, gave me errors.  I tried a bunch of stuff and then...  


I ended up getting it to work by simply going into the windows SOUND properties window and right-clicking on the "AMPLIFI_75_75 Stereo" device and choosing "Disable", then immediately right-clicking and choosing "Enable"...BOOM!  Suddenly worked!  


Hope this helps someone else out there!



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If this works, you just made my day.  I have my music on my PC...not my phone.


Thanks for the tip.  I will try it tonight and report back...


I would love to see an Amplifi App for PC as well.  Creating tones on a small 4" screen (iPhone 5) is just no fun.



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