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Ux1 and other software

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 First of all I wanna say hi to everyone here, it's been a while. 


 So new amplitube 4 is out and I was eager to check it out, but as it is only for win 64 platform, now I'm having these device problems with my UX1 in Reaper. Everything works swell when I open Podfarm and Reaper, but every time I open amplitube and then Reaper I get the same device not found message. I know it's some kind of driver incompatibility and I don't wanna go asio4all I tried that buggy lollipop already. Is there any way I can have this software running in standalone like podfarm alongside reaper? 

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I've had the UX1 for years and am trying to start using it again, but I no longer have the CD-ROM for the software in order to use the UX1 on my laptop for recording. Does anybody know what I need and how I can download it. I'm really eager to start recording asap. 


I'm using FL Studio for production, if that makes any difference.

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