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New Gauge Strings

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Has anyone tried to switch out the 10-46 gauge strings with 9-42 gauge strings on your JTV69? Does it effect the tone of the acoustics drastically? I don't want to go thru re-setting the guitar up only to be disappointed.  I'm afraid of string buzz and the tuning stability my new JTV69 has now with the 10's I just like 9's better to play with.

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When changing string gauges, be sure to go and get the set-up checked after a few days,

as changing gauges will change the tension,... and that will affect the set-up (relief, action, intonation and such).


It may, or may not need to be dialed-in a slight bit after changing string gauges.

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Just like any guitar, would probably need a new setup...

I use hybrid 9.5 strings I'm gonna put on my new one tonight....

If you are already set up for 9's, little or no adjustment is nessesary.


I love the hybrids because they give you the tone of 10's, with out the added string tension

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