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WHO IS GAME? A/B Amp models - Helix vs HD


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Hi Guys,

I know that the consensus is the HeliX sounds better than the HD500X's and I can tell the HX Fx from the Pre release demos sound better than the HD's.


But I'd like to hear a AB of same Amp models only with no FX.

You can tell me to go and stick it and demo one for yourself but they are a long way off being here for demoing.

Anyone in Sydney can steer me to one available for demo?

In the meantime, you know you wanna!


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Line 6 POD HD vs Helix Amp Models

Comparison between amp models on the POD HD and the Helix. Both models were recorded using the same audio loop and selecting the default parameters for the model on each platform.



Thanks for posting my playlist!

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Thanks for that!

There is a adnomality in most of the examples; a whistling type distortion.

More noticible on higher gain but not in every example. strange.

Some sound compressed!

My guess is clipped the converters more often then not which pretty well make this demo

inconclusive due to quality loss

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