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Installing Audacity Kills Pod Farm/guitar Port

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I have a Dell Dimension E520 running Vista Home Basic and couldn't get audio through the line in jacks (monitoring). I read that it was the Dell's problem and they aren't concerned. My neighbor gave me a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy SE card to throw in there. I did and problem solved.

 I then installed Audacity and lost the line in again??? I uninstalled Audacity and it didn't cure this. I did a system restore and it was good again.

 I was reading somewhere about ASIO being the problem and also VST's and their use.


 I did not have any problems like this running XP Pro on an HP computer.


 Anyone have any experience with this or who can possably point me to the information needed to fix, solve, or get around this?



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I personally would abandon Audacity and use a DAW that supports ASIO, I popular choice is Reaper.


Also, if you have a Guitar Port I wouldn't concern myself with Line In, record via USB directly.


Do you also have the POD Farm plug-in?


If you really, really want to use Audacity, research compiling Audacity to use ASIO drivers.

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