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"All Night Long" - Helix CustomTone Patch

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I wanted to share a Helix patch that I uploaded to Line 6's CustomTone site.

It's my twist on @bstoner 's "Plexi2" patch. It's designed to be an "all in one" patch that you can stay on all night long. All 10 footswitches have assignments...

FS1 = Eb Tuning
FS2 = Compressor
FS3 = Chorus
FS4 = Tight slapback delay (to thicken things up a bit)
FS5 = Univibe
FS6 = Toggles between internal stereo cab and Redwirez Marshall1960A IR in position 8 (the IR used in Brian's Plexi2 patch on CustomTone)
FS7 = Lead Boost (volume boost + ping pong delay)
FS8 = ~3db of clean boost
FS9 = Minotaur distortion
FS10 = Less Gain - Toggles between clean and dirty (controller assignment to set both gain and amp volume to normalize levels between settings)


FWIW, Brian's "Plexi2" patch can be found here: http://line6.com/customtone/tone/1370061/

1) Guitar used to create the patch was a Godin XTSA with P-Rails

2) AKG Perception K44 headphones used as monitoring source

3) To change the behavior of FS1 (bank up) and FS6 (bank down), go to Global Settings -> Footswitches -> Stomp Mode Switches and change to "10 Switches"

3) There's a "plate reverb" block that's always on and not assigned to a FS (I ran out of switches). There's also a "room reverb" block that's always on as well to thicken the sound

4) Internal cab is a mix of the "4x12 Blackface 30" and "2x12 Interstate" cabinets (see settings in images below)

5) "Marshall1960A-G12Ms-SM57-Cap-6in.wav" Found in folder: 44.1 KHz-24bit/Shure SM57/Marshall1960A-G12Ms-SM57-Cap-6in.wav Download from :http://www.redwirez.com/free1960g12m25s.jsp





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Whew!...what a relief to find out that this thread has nothing to do with Lionel Ritchie... ;)


Somehow I knew that was going to be an assumption people would make :)

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I was thinking Joe Walsh's "All Night Long" :)
Do you have a sample of you playing through the patch?​

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