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Volume Pedal Level Hell: Hd500

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Hello all I hope you're well and can help me with my issue. Thanks in advance your efforts; they are much appreciated. 



  Master volume knob at 50%. I have volume leveled my patches using the mixer. I use parameter exp 1 as a volume pedal. I put the pedal near the end of the chain immediately before the reverb.


The issue:


  I physically adjust the parameter pedal to a certain angle which of course sets the current patch volume to a certain level; say 30 degrees degrees on the pedal, which corresponds to 30% of the volume. I then switch to another patch, adjust the volume level for that patch to say, NOT 30% of the pedal and switch back to the original patch.


Here's the rub:

   The volume level I had set the original patch at using the exp1 volume pedal just before switching off the patch doesn't default back to the level that corresponds to where I left the pedal immediately before i switched off the patch! 


 That's the way a real volume pedal works, so what's the rub? 


The volume level does not correspond to the physical pedal location either. It seems to set back to some default level (I can't really tell what; soon as i move the pedal it jumps off where it was at).


I am forced to work the pedal up and down to adjust the volume level everytime I switch a patch. I have tried using the channel volume with the pedal but the problem is essentially the same.



What I need:

   I need the volume level for the patch to either match where it was immediately before I switched off the patch in question or to match where the pedal currently sits when I switch to a patch. Neither is the case.  This is NOT how a real volume pedal works either.


Is there a way to set the parameter pedal to the Master volume perhaps?


Please help!



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I just tested it out on my HD500 using two patches with the volume pedal effect in them, and the patches always reflect the physical position of the pedal. In both patches I had the with a min of 0% and max of 100%. I moved the cursor over to the volume effect so I could see what percentage the parameter was being set to, and I set it to 55%. I then switched patches. I moved the cursor in the next patch to the volume effect, and the position was still at 55%, and there was no jump when I moved the pedal.


One thing comes to mind with your case, though. Are you connected to HD500 Edit when this happens? If so, that's probably why it's happening. Moving the expression pedals while connected to Edit seems to cause weird things to happen.

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I agree with Phil....I think that you have Edit hooked up...If not, perhaps re-calibrate. the pedal...power up holding D I think...might be A, I don't remember offhand...


All the patches I use these days are morphing patches...pedal min is a cleanish...pedal max is a crunchy...lots of moving parameters...When a patch loads, it is always as the pedal physical state that is used...However, for volume I do not use the Volume FX...I just assign the Channel Volume of the model to the expression pedal...Saves DSP and opens a slot...Anyhoo, I never tweak with Edit connected...Slows me down too much as I am used to the Hardware....I use a HD Desktop, so it is a little easier to tweak via hardware than a 500 is on the floor......


On other note...Min 0% Max 100% is EXTREMELY touchy...The Channel Volume approach works a bit better for me on patches where I need Min 0%...The reason is that the Channel Volume is usually set to something like 60%...So the pedal is set for 0 to 60 which makes it a little less touchy...bringing up the Min really helps on patches where Min 0% is not needed....A lot of time I will use a 30% range, like 70% min and 100% max...That makes it much easier for me make subtle adjustments...

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I've come from a Pod XT where you can just set the volume % in Gearbox and it just reduces the volume by the difference but keeps the sound the same - no morphing of gains or effects . I like to be able to play at 80% with my full sound and just punch it to 100% for solos etc.


Was trying to figure out the same thing in HD500 Edit and was scratching my head why you can't set this % in the GUI editor - I've been doing it for years on the old editor.


Thanks for this post; I was able to get it to work if I move the vol pedal to the end of the post chain and reduce it on the hardware as phil_m suggested. 


The point of my post is will Line 6 put this feature back into the HD Edit software? Seems like a glaring oversight that it's not there.



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