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Recommended ASIO4ALL settings for Pod Farm?

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Hi guys. So I'm using asio4all on Podfarm with a realtone cable (rocksmith) It's working decently, the only problem is that everytime I load up Pod Farm, The input channel isn't remembered. I use either Input 3 or 4, anytime I try input 1 or 2 I get a horrendous screeching sound. (anyone know why that is?) I used to have it where it remembered to use Input 3, I also had it once where the asio4all realtone cable worked on input 1. Can anyone give me some advice on how to get it back to one of those ways?

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The ASIO driver comes with a hardware device, not with Pod Farm software. Again, what audio interface (hardware device) are you using? In other words, what device are you connecting your guitar to when recording/playing with Pod Farm?

I think I get it. No I do not have the USB ASIO driver. The Pod Farm software was given to me second hand. I'm using Ubisoft's Real Tone USB cable from Rocksmith.

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I don't expect you will ever get good results with that setup. You should consider getting a proper audio interface that supports ASIO, something like one of these:


Of course, other manufacturers also make audio interfaces. But depending on your Pod Farm license (do you actually have one?) you may be restricted to these Line 6 devices.

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