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POD HD mounting bracket

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hi, i'm don't know if i'm in the correct forum or not but here goes. i have that very cool mounting bracket that allows me to securely put my POD HD on my desktop or there are two "nuts" that allow mounting on a mic stand, this is all very handy, however, when the unit is mounted on the mic stand it can get a bit hairy with other people around, i.e. not paying attention. i have noticed on the bottom of the pod there are 4 very small holes that look like one can screw the bracket more securely than the 4 rubber feet.

my question is, are these holes tapped? and if they are what size screw would work? i can see the screws would be at least 1 inch long with a washer.

so, does anyone know what i'm talking about?



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I know exactly what you are talking about. I took one of the rubber feet to the hardware store bought bolts, washers and nuts (I can't tell you the size as its been over a year). Screwed them in the bracket and put electrical shrink tubing over the threads. I use the amp handle of a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 in lieu of the mic stand. You could probably use a couple of the thin velcro cable ties to really secure the Bean to the mount and stand, if onltyfor peace of mind. :)



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hey, great idea, i've been thinking about using a tech amp myself, however, i've been playing for so long it's hard  for me to change. but if i look at it with an open mind there is no amp that i can get to sound like i do with the POD. in august i released a solo record and used it on every guitar track including bass and acoustic.

i've owned or used just about every amp ever made at one time or another but i have to always compromise, saying, that's as good as i can get. i never, ever use those box's on the floor, i control the sound with the guitar and my hands. also, the settings i use on the POD rarely have any effects except reverb. there are a few settings i use for everything.

anyway, thanks for the idea.


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