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Saving "My Tones" to FAVORITES


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Hi, just wanted to report a potential issue that I'm still surprised it hasn't been solved yet !


First of all, I love my Line6 FX100... it's a really GREAT product.




Saving Tones into FAVORITES seems to be easy (and ONLY available?) when you're searching for matching tones from a song you are trying to stream online.


However, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to select a tone ( already in "MyTones" list), from "MyTones" list in order to add a tone into FAVORITES.

This is kinda weird and highly frustrating when you want to take your time, evaluate, tweak and create your "Dream Tone List" for live gigs !

I wasn't able to find a way to do it, except removing everything from "MyTones" list, and start the whole Online Search process again to add tones directly to FAVORITES. It Would take a long long time...   


But I hope I'm wrong...


PLEASE DO HELP if you have a solution/answer to this.

PLEASE guys from LINE 6 reply... do you have any patch/tweak/update that could solve this issue ASAP ?


Many thanks for your HELP.







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Basically, you simply cannot do this. Amplifi Remote does not have this capability at this time. The strange and most surprising oversight is something Line6 knows about. (I discussed the problem in a support ticket.) I did not receive any indication they intended to solve the problem, and the work-a-round proposed was cumbersome and tedious, and actually did not work in my particular case.


I did discover one partial work-a-round on my own, but which does not work flawlessly. When saving a custom preset, be sure to activate a five-star rating for that preset. This five-star rating brings the custom tone higher up in the "My Tones" list, at least for that song, so makes the desired tone easier to find and select. The five-star rating process has a few caveats:

(1) The desired tone almost never is the exclusive tone for a song, as other custom tones that apparently match various metadata for that song also come up.

(2) This trick sometimes takes 24 hours to propagate among the Line6 servers getting information established in the cloud.

(3) The process is not flawless. On occasion a song to which I have made a custom tone that has a five-star rating still may not show up in the suggested "My Tones" list when the song is playing.

(4) If you make the custom tone using an existing tone as the base, you will have to use "Save As" to preserve the existing tone. However, "Save As" always deletes out the star rating (which is an obviously necessary process not to give the new tone the same star rating as the existing tone). Thus, in this case, you have to save the new tone a second time being sure this second time to give the new tone its five-star rating and then using the normal "Save" function (not "Save As").


Until I get a better work-a-round from Line6 that actually works consistently, or Line6 updates the Amplifi Remote app to facilitate this feature directly within the app and overcome this quite surprising oversight in coding, then I do not know anything else to do.

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I'm surprised to hear that the only way to save a tone to FAVORITES is to search a matching tone for a song in the song library.


What if I don't have the song in the song library for which I'm trying to create a tone? Why can't I add the created tone into FAVORITES?


This issue needs to be solved as soon as possible. This is a very basic functionality and it is still missing... 

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Having this same issue with FH1500 amp and the iPad app.  even the app refers to selecting the FAVORITE button during playing now mode but neither are actually visible.  unless I'm missing something this is a fairly basic request for something that should work.  I simply want to order my tones that match the set list we will be playing at a gig.  

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Add me to the list... I would like to be able to "mark" the favorites so when I load up the sounds for the current setlist, I don't have to hunt around for the one I like the best.  Seems to make perfect sense to me and apparently many others.  Please correct the situation, or at least explain what the issue is for Line6 to not include something like this.

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Does Line 6 even support this product? I have never seen such pathetic participation by a software company. These guys are doomed, and certainly it looks like they've already committed this one to death row. 

At the end of the day that means dissatisfied customers and no repeat business. Like mine. Between a JTV guitar, a couple amps and pedal boards, I am basically done with any investment in crap supported products. There has been like ZERO advance in this for the last two years. Like the software team has been castrated. Or had no balls to begin with. Most questions on this board are unanswered for months or years. 


I for one will make this customer dissatisfaction known everywhere possible. 

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The tone library doea nor have any favorites yet. However, you can 'favorite' the tone so that it always appears when you play that song.

To favorite a tone:

In the "now playing" view,  tap the tone's Favorite button.


Favorited tones appear first in the Now Playing View and you can access all of your favorites in this view at any time.

This worked for me.

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