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Recording doesn't work: why won't the Helix control panel install?


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Hi everyone,


I've tried to install and reinstall the Helix drivers (Line 6 Driver2 Helix v1.76.0.1 Installer) over and over again to get the Helix control panel to work. I can get all other Helix software to work, but to record with my DAW, I also need to get the Helix Control Panel to work. 


At this moment, I cannot find the Helix in my DAW (I tried Cubase, Studio One).I am running on Windows 7 with all latest updates installed. I also installed the latest Helix application 1.02 ; during the installation it also showed that it was about to install Helix drivers. Also, these drivers did not help in any way. 


Maybe the fact that there is still old HD500 software on my pc conflicts??


I really hope someone from Line6 can help. I need the Helix control panel to work so I can finally record..


Thanks for all help.



PS I included a picture with information that might lead to the cause and solution of the problem


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