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Standard setting for Effect-blocks


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Is it possible (or will it become possible) to change the standard setting of an effect so that my favorite setting is already there, when I load up my delay f.ex. 

This would be an amazing feature! 

f.ex. the standard curve of a volume-pedal i set i Linear which might be considered as an actual Bug in the software. 

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If you're ok with editing JSON files, you can create effect presets on Helix, export them with the Helix app, then copy and paste the effects into separate files. Then when you create a patch, you can copy and past the presets into the patch on your computer then import back into Helix. The JSON files with a text editor are like a simple, low-level editor. I do this quite a lot, especially for making a series of patches that differ in a few ways, but have some common effect that I have decided to change based on experience using them live.

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