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Improving my tone - Line 6 Pod HD 500 (recording)


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 Hi all!


 I'm new to the forum, although i use line 6 gear's for some time. I was user of Line 6 pod XT and right now i have pod HD500 (i also have AMP from line6). My main guitar gear is Ibanez 350 DX and i use two programs for recording/mixing: Reaper and Reason (only for MIDI stuff).

 I did research in presets all over the web. I found interesting stuff in download on this site, in Youtube etc. The problem is that i can't reach where i want in rhythmic and leads sound and maybe you can help with that.


 For first i will show you the sound that i think will be great to have (or at least close to that):


 For rythm section: i think this is really clear, strong guitar sound


 For solo:



- great play but also a nice tone. Good thing is that he plays it on pod 500, but i don't know how he record that stuff.


 My record way is right now: Guitar-Cable to guitar input-POD-USB Cable-Computer

 I use Reaper as i mentioned before and orginal ASIO drivers from line6

 If you tell that it will be huge difference with other way to recording then i will consider this, but i want to know about all the necessary stuff like cables, second interface or microphone etc. that i should buy.


 Yesterday i record something:


 It is only test. I used some presets from line6 download and i did a little bit of edit in Reaper (equalizer). I know that guitar is a little bit out of tune and i also play some random stuff - it was only messing with POD.


  Here is some of my old stuff, but this was recorded on Pod XT:



 PS. I recorded also electro-acoustic guitar on POD and i use stock effect for acoustic and it sound really great!



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