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Panning In Sonar X-2


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hi, i'm recording in sonar x-2 with the POD HD plugged into the USP I can't seem to make the panning work, what i'm trying to do is have one guitar out of one side the other guitar out of the other side. what am I doing wrong??

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I use Sonar but am going via a MOTU 2408mkIII.

When you insert an audio track, in the inspector pain click track and on the input you will have a list of available devices,

You can choose left, right or stereo of the USB from the HD.

You will now get left and right selecting stereo. On the same track


Or you  can insert two audio tracks and select Left and right input for each.

If no joy check the patch you are using.By adding a stereo FX after a Amp block you should be getting stereo. Also look at the mixer levels and pans.

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