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VDI intermittent

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I have a JTV-69.  Anybody have experience intermittent connectivity with the VDI jack? If so, any suggested fixes?


I've tried different vdi cables and issue persists.  The cable is tight in the socket but when i manipulate the cable, there seems to be some play with the socket in the plate.




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Are you using the cable that came with The guitar? That is for using with the USB interface device

and not for playing through. it's for doing updates and for using with the Workbench HD applications.


There is a 25ft cable with a Cannon XLR type of shell on both ends with the mod connector in it,

that is cable for playing through. It should latch so that it doesn't get loose in the socket like that.


It should never be that loose on the guitar side like that,... unless you're using the program interface cable

or regular everyday CAT5 cable. Both of which is the wrong cable.

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What is the fix?

Ordinarily I'd say "Spending $17 on a new cable", but if it's already happening with more than one, then the problem almost has to be the guitar itself...the jack, or perhaps something farther down the line.


Does the same thing happen running on the battery and a 1/4" cable?

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Sometimes the pins inside the VDI jack are bent, usually the result of mistakenly trying to jam a 1/4" jack into the VDI. Some users have fixed it by straightening the pins using a "J-hook" fashioned out of any very thin wire that may be lying around the house ( a twist tie?).

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