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HD 500X Strange behavior with expression pedal controlling parameters


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Hello, I've a problem with the HD500X using the expression pedal to control effects parameters:

I created a patch where EXP 2 controls volume and EXP 1 controls reverb mix and delay mix.

So everything working right using the pedal for volume, then I switch to EXP1 and it adjusts

the the mixes from 15% minimum to 50% maximum, all good. Then I switch back to EXP2

and the reverb stays at 50%! The pedal controls volume just like it should but now the

patch is drenched in reverb. As soon as I select a different patch and then return to this 

patch, everything is back to normal. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

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I think the way you are trying to use the pedal means you should use a footswitch, not the toe switch, to turn EXP-1 and 2 on/off.


I think what's going on is that in order to switch from EXP-2 (reverb) back to EXP-1 (vol) you need to use the toe switch. In doing so you necessarily have to move the pedal to the full toe position (reverb=50%). As soon as you activate the toe switch, the pedal controls vol but reverb stays where it last was when you switched - at max.


Try assigning the pedal switching to a footswitch. Assign the same footswitch to both pedals, and save the preset with one pedal ON and the other OFF. The pedal sweep will still control the parameter but you won't need to move it to max value in order to change pedals.

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Silverhead -

I've tried the separate switch with the EXP1/EXP2, to switch between WAH and Volume control, but when I would switch to WAH, the volume pedal block gets bypassed, so goes to 100% volume... The pedal "positions" don't "stay" are when they were when switched - they get bypassed. At least that's how it worked when I was attempting it with the WAH/VOL operation. But yeah, you have to go to 100% toe position to switch the toe switch.... I don't do a lot of parameter changing in a live situation. I did get an external Mission pedal, but use it at home, and it works well with my Helix, as well.



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Hmmmm.... thanks for this clarification. Makes sense when I think about it more; turning the Vol FX OFF via footswitch  will bypass it as you say. Hadn't thought that one through. I guess the toe switch leaves the FX active but simply switches the pedal sweep affect to the other pedal.


I'm not sure how the OP can set things up to do what he wants, then.

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