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Tap Tempo Light needs a fix!


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When you tap in a tempo, the light should continue to flash on the DOWNBEAT of the tempo you just tapped.  HD500 did this, HD500x did this, my Timeline does this, etc etc.  Currently, it flashes on the UPBEAT instead.  I often am tapping into a click and after tapping you (NORMALLY!) get see the light flashing in sync with the click and you have quick visual confirmation that you tapped in correctly.  It's completely backward on the Helix, and the only reason I can imagine for it being this way is a couple lines of bad code that need to be corrected!  


It's hard to see exactly what it's doing wrong with quarter note taps, so if you want to examine for yourself, I recommend tapping half notes (tap on the 1 and 3 of a 4 beat measure.)  The light will faithfully flash on the 2 & 4.  


Cmon guys, you had it right for 5 years with the HD500… please fix this in the Helix.  

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