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Optimal Helix Upgrade procedure?

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So whenever I update my Helix it always recommends saving a bundle and then overwriting everything to make sure presets are all updated and such.


Now if I just save a bundle, doesn't that save ALL the presets on the Helix? Therefore, if I update, and the import the bundle, aren't I just reloading all the OLD presets?


What I've been doing to be safe is just exporting my 2 user setlists that I've created, then updating, then holding  buttons 7 and 8 (bottom left 2 buttons) to overwrite the presets, then importing my 2 custom user setlists. 


Any feedback?



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What you're doing is best, imho. I always save setlists, not the whole bundle, for exactly the reason you mention. Sometimes a firmware update can include new factory presets or even a new setlist which you would overwrite by reloading the entire saved bundle. For me, saving setlists is the most flexible way to do it.

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Just be aware that, when saving setlists, goofy things happen if you have any empty presets in between presets that actually contain effects. There seems to be a bug in the Helix software that throws the names out of sync with the presets themselves if there are any blank ones scattered in between used ones.


I've been working around this by creating a one-block fake "blank" preset in any spots where I don't want to save something.


I don't know whether this happens with bundles as well, or not; I've only saved/loaded setlists.

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