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turning wah on/off?


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hey guys, ive been using the rp1000 for years and i have gotten used to a few settings on it, but now i have a hd500x. Is there a way i can cycle the wah on my hd500x so i cycles on/off with the pedel itself, or is it only able to go on/off with the toe down? Ive tried going through the setting and have had no luck.


Thanks in advance!

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There is a "toe switch" built into the expression pedal (if you push the pedal all the way up and then keep pushing down, it will toggle between EXP1 and EXP2).   There are little LED's just to the left of the pedal (and just to the right of the looper button) that show which EXP is active. When it toggles, you know you've hit the button.


You can assign the Wah to toggle with the toe switch (it may set that by default).  I don't recall off-hand how to do that, but I'm pretty sure they tell you how to do it in the manual.

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What you need to do is:

Select the wah FX on your chain and  HOLD ENTER to select " exp toe switch"

press view to go out


and after this press ONE TIME the "enter" again to set the wah OFF


you need to see the wah fx block in black color in your chain




Now press the pedal toe switch and normaly the wah go on repress the pedal and the wah go OFF

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I've read that you can setup an expression pedal to be "bad horsie" like. Is this true?


I just ordered my hd500x, and I want to use expression pedal 2 in this way. I want to use a spring loaded Mission EP1-L6 and have it engage the wah or whammy when pressed down. Is this possible? (My current real pedals work this way, will be a big deal if I can't do this on the hd500x).


Also, can you use an external momentary switch (or even re-assign the tap switch) to do momentary effects? (I use harmonizers, pitch benders, etc. a lot using a momentary latching switch currently).


Thanks for the help, I'm a new Line6 user :)

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Bad Horsie? 


Assuming I know what part of a 7 minute instrumental song you are talking about... 

In theory, you can do that. 

But, because it is digital it moves in increments - so it will not truly be fluid. 



What I mean is ---- 

Pick any 2 numbers, let's say, 440A and A# at 446.16hz. 

There are 26hz between the two. But there is also an infinite number of fractional hertz - because you have 440.1, 440.01, 440.001 and etc etc. 


The 500x gives 10 choices for every half step. Which may be fine when you are going from a C0 to a C#0 at 16.35hz and 17.32hz (respectively), but it leaves something to be desired when playing  

A#8  @ 7458.62hz and B8 @ 7902.13 where there are 450hz between the two. I mean, please choose 10 out of 450.




However, only an autistic savant will be able to tell that it was incremental and didn't cover the total spectrum.  

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