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possible workaround for looper with MIDI


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I will likely attempt this tomorrow, but in any case:


I have a Molten Voltage Osmosis.  It takes incoming MIDI, and translates each message into a series of PC and/or CC messages to be distributed to down-chain gear.  Love it.  I just had a thought.  If I were to run a cable from my MIDI splitter back into the Pod's MIDI input, would I be able to switch off the looper with its own switch?   What I mean is: I don't use the looper.  Ever.  But it sits there, taunting me with the unused switch that can be mapped to some function, were it not for the looping function that it activates.  


I have my Osmosis receiving MIDI on channel 2.  If I were to set the Pod's channel to 1, and mapped a PC message(PC 012, for example) from the loop switch to be translated into CC99: 000 via the Osmosis, could I effectively turn the looper off immediately after turning it on, while activating other functions in my other pedals via MIDI?  This would make my day.  The Osmosis can send 5 PC and 16 CC messages for every PC message that it receives, and I have one extra output on my Quadra Thru splitter.  

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Okay, it works, but...

Remember these steps:  Set the CC099 message into the same channel as the Pod itself.  In my case, channel 1.  Go into system settings, to the MIDI setup page, and make SURE that MIDI output is set to Out, not Out/Thru.  If you leave it on Out/Thru, it will cause some sort of evil feedback loop that, in my case, cause my M5 to switch bypass on and off really fast, and started changing presets on the PEQ until I cut power to the whole mess.  After I switch it to Out only, everything worked perfectly.  Now I have 9 discrete effect settings that mix and match settings on the Whammy, M5, and the PEQ.  Pedal position on the Whammy is sent via CC, so I have sets of two patches with the same Whammy programs, but different pedal positions.  

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